Sassenachs will support Dutch Assistance Dogs Foundation

In the upcoming months Clan Sassenachs is going to support ‘Stichting Hulphond Nederland’ (The Dutch foundation for Servicedogs). Our enthusiasm to support this good cause is fueled by a close friend of the clan. On the first of July he will participate in the ‘Kennedymarch’ at Someren.


A 80 kilometers walk all trough the night…  This will also be the kick-off of our campaign! Together we hope to raise money for the foundation. Our main focus will be on PTSD service dogs. These dogs are especially trained as companion dogs to veterans suffering with PTSD. A difficult, challenging and expensive task! Each PTSD service dog is specifically trained to their owners personal needs. The cost to train just one dog is around €4000,- Euro. 

As most of our friends know all to well.. As Sassenachs we’re not to keen on walking… especially for 80km! That’s why we are gonna do what we do best.. making music! Our brave ‘Piper’ George will join ‘our’ walker during the sunrise on July 2th and walk along while playing. At the finish we will join in with the rest of the band. And give them a warm welcome with our drums.

In the upcoming months we are planning to do fundraising events and hope to tell you more about the Dutch Foundation for Servicedogs.

We keep you posted!!! But for now.. the most important part!!!


Click on the link below and support Lowlanders 4 Assistance dogs’!!

Walking 4 Service Dogs