The Sassenachs encampment is worth a visit. Look around the cooking area, armoury, workshop and apothecary. The band will be playing several times during the days. But next to the music we try to give you a taste of the life in 18th century Scotland. Be the witness of a pub brawl or a more  serious fight with knifes and swords…. Out medic will show her skills during our medical show. Learn how to put on a ‘great kilt’ or ‘belted plaid’, or ask the cook how to use the original ‘smoke oven’. In the workshop repairs are made on the basic equipment and the Clan ladies can provide you with the latest cd or Sassenachs t-shirt in the merchandise stand. At the moment we are working on a small scale wiskey distillery and a military display to tell you more about the brave Scottish Clans fighting The English ‘Red Coats’. We’re always willing to make our demonstrations and entertainment suitable for every event or age!

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